How to maintain consistency of your brand across multi-sales channel

E-commerce marketing is done on multiple channels – display, social, email, etc. Many different companies are working on moving beyond multi-channel marketing, they are getting into cross-channel marketing these days. So what is the difference between the two? Multi-channel marketing is when you run various marketing campaigns on multiple channels and cross-channel marketing is when your marketing campaigns are integrated. Among all these, with e-commerce automation, you can automate every single task that avoids human efforts.

Keep your brand the same across all the platforms you use, even when offering your customers your services or products. This process is essential as it helps create and maintain full trust with the current customer and demonstrate a professional appearance to the valuable customers. If you keep your brand the same on social channels and digital marketing, it will help identify and connect it with your brand and differentiate it from your potential competitors.

One of the latest trends these days is to use a multi-channel listing software for maintaining the branding consistency across various sales channels. The software helps you to have a uniform product description and details across all your sales channels with one-time effort of data feeding. Having the same product details across all channels helps in maintaining brand consistency and also winning customer trust and loyalty.

Top ways to maintain consistency of your brand across multi-sales channel

  • Creating a branding style guide

Creating a branding style guide


The branding style guide is considered one of the vital aspects of brand consistency. A branding style guide is a document that describes the rules and guidelines for the design, composition, general theme of the brand’s aesthetics. This rule book permits graphic designers, web developers, marketers, and product packaging departments to represent the brand’s visual consistency on all the channels. Offering boundaries that relate to what can and can not be done is useful for achieving tremendous brand delivery consistency.

Here are some of the best ways to maintain consistency of your brand

  • Be customizable 

The best marketing department always pitches the brand message differently, which solely depends on the audience. Social media has been sent to a friendly tone for pushing notification that offers a direct approach. Adopting the audience and keep the same values and identity can be a hurdle. Look at some of the huge brands that can provide better insight into how it can be achieved. In an article, John Dellion said that going into detail about how the brand identity is created on social media, explain that it is a strategy for creating an extension of the customer experience in their restaurants. 

  • Get software with workflows for supporting the brand

Get software with workflows for supporting the brand


All the visuals can be consistent, but all the channels are shared on, and this may differ strongly think of the dimensions of the image and character space on the Facebook vs. LinkedIn vs. your CMS of the company. Most companies aim to create diverse formats that vary from email signatures for physical clip folders and headers for the website. All the different items are saved, whether on the cloud, on the server, or the various hardware. Visuals and the brand suffers a lot if everything is re-formatted in the wrong ways. Repurposing all the visuals for diverse online destinations can be a big hurdle for the brand’s consistency.

  • Keep participating on the same platforms and connect with the right influencers

Keep participating on the same platforms and connect with the right influencers


Consistent brand delivery is the primary thing that makes your brand stand out on all the platforms and also on online communities where it is essential. It will help maintain the brand visibility and awareness of your brand in front of your targeted audience. To increase your brand’s visibility and join with the right audience, it is crucial to participate in online and offline platforms. The platforms can be of your choice aligned with the identity of your brand and prospects that represent the target of the group preference. 

  • Take the whole team on board and assign them a squad 

The brand’s consistency is needed to carry out over the stakeholder touchpoints for building the stable brand, whether it is the customer service chatbot online, Facebook posts, and tweets posted behind the counter wearing the company’s cap. Behind all of these touchpoints, diverse staff members operate daily, and everyday tasks can interfere with communicating the brand promise to all the stakeholders who interact with them. Offering the branding style guide is not enough to inspire all the staff members and inspire them by the brand’s core values and identity. 

  • Easy steps for getting success

Easy steps for getting success


Build the brand guidelines that cover tone on all the marketing channels, and the more in-depth policies are, the more consistent your brand communication will be. All these guidelines will offer the boundaries for the marketing team to work within. Different brands require you to adapt to each channel. With clear and well-defined boundaries in one place, your whole team can find out which language is best for your every channel.

  • Create good content 

Create good content


Content is relevant to the brand personality. Don’t jump on topics that are not related to the case as it makes the audience confused. Make use of your company’s’ logo and design elements and give access to your employees. Choose the right topics for the content calendar of your brand. Keep the tone of your content consistent on all of the channels.


Whatever is at the heart’s brand, it delivers a consistent brand promise with a good shot at success. In this blog, we had explained the top ways to maintain your brand’s consistency across the multi-sales channel.



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