What fashion retailers can learn from H&M?

Like fashion trends come and fade over time, sellers should realize the importance of changing business strategy with time to offer consumers a valuable shopping experience.

As most of the companies tend to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars behind their business each year using the same strategy can end up losing multiple potential opportunities by not experimenting with the innovative ones.

Factors that determines the success of an online fashion store

Buying fashion online is altogether different experience to consumers than buying from a mall or a la local fashion store. Considering this, online business owners need to ensure they are able to attract, as well as, engage potential consumers in ways that can offer them a brick-and-mortar store experience.

H&M-Fastest fashion purveyor that sellers can get an inspiration from

With online shopping being one of the easiest ways to make purchases and receive favourite products at your own convenience, fashion retailers may still find it difficult to create a trust among potential shoppers about the fabrics, colour, and even texture compared to trying clothes that are allowed at an offline fashion store.

If you are yet struggling to make consumers dependent on your fashion brand, H&M can prove to be a great inspiration for many start-ups and growing fashion business owners.

Firstly, some facts about H&M

Store: With its first store opened in Sweden back in 1947, today the online fashion brand has over 4000 stores in 62 markets that include Africa, Asia Pacific, Middle East, North and South America, and Europe too.

Revenue: Recording 25,135(SEK M) of sales coming from the United States, H&M has recorded its highest collection from Germany with 36,943(SEK M) in the year 2015.

Products offerings: Allowing quintessential basics for men, women, and teenagers, H&M also is known for offering fast fashion clothing collection from popular names that include fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, pop star Madonna, Italian designer Robert Cavalli, and Japanese Vogue editor Anna Dello Russo.

Winning tactics by H&M and what fashion retailers can learn:

I- Considering Customer attraction

Buying fashion products online is no more new to consumers, however, the way you offer content and information will surely determine the acceptance for your eCommerce brand.

H&M Image gallery showcases its collection through events and fashion shows that are picked on the key influencers in the fashion world.


What you can do?

Connecting your brand and products with local fashion shows and events or, even having a tie up with local fashion brands can automatically make your brand known among consumers who already shop fashion products online.

II- Considering Customer engagement

Promoting brand and products across multiple social media sites are helping fashion retailers attract the audience, however, the way you allow them to be updated with the latest fashion and trends will determine the customer base for your eCommerce brand.

H&M Magazine is a good example that allows fashion lovers to be updated to the hottest fashion, beauty and cultural tips and trends.


What you can do?

Apart from running content marketing strategy to make consumers stay on your site, offering them an ability to gain knowledge about the latest news relevant to your brand and products can make them cling to your eCommerce site for long.

III- Considering Customer encouragement

Increasing visibility about your offerings can invite sales opportunities; however, the excitement you create among consumers will determine the dependency for your eCommerce brand.

H&M Stores allows consumers  quickly gain access to its multiple location’s deals and store announcements . H&M India site has lately announced its grand opening of their Mumbai store and infusing discounts for early birds, will surely encourage fashionistas in town.

H&M Stores

What you can do?

You may sell across multiple online channels to increase sales; however, creating a buzz about your existing and upcoming expansion can enhance your eCommere fashion brand’s visibility among the potential audience across the globe.

IV- Considering Customer satisfaction

With so many options available across the web, shopping fashion online can still be confusing to many consumers. However, allowing them an opportunity to gain expertise insights and select the correct products can determine their purchase decisions.

H&M Editor’s Picks is helping consumers to access a mix of relevant product combinations that allow consumers to make better decisions and shop for their favourite products on-the-go.


What you can do?

Fashion compliments an attire and allowing consumers with multiple combinations of style and trends can eliminate them from getting confused, who in turn, can instantly add your products to cart and increase sales opportunities for your eCommerce brand.

V- Considering Customer safety

Consumers who shop online will surely check for the safety, especially when buying fashion online. Allowing them information about your brand reliability will eliminate them from giving a second though and make purchase on-the-go.

H&M customer service ensures consumers don’t be in the dark, which means they allow a single access to multiple pre-purchase questions that includes details about returns, payment, size-guide, contact, product/fabric quality.


What you can do?

Selling fashion products, offering consumers with self-assisted knowledge base can encourage them to make quick purchase decisions from one place, instead of browsing several pages to get the information they want.

Wrapping up

Apart from the above, H&M also participates in non-selling campaigns that can add value to living.

They include:

– Water: A combined strategy with WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) to be a leading water steward in the industry.

– Animal Welfare: Collaborating with other stakeholders to work for animal protection.

– Cotton: Being one of the leading users of organic cotton in their offering, H&M is aiming to make cotton from more sustainable sources (i.e. either organic, better or recycled) by 2020.

What do you learn?

Being a part of a selling business, contributing towards non-selling campaigns can help you improve brand value among audiences who may not be known to your brand, but can surely get encouraged to visit your online fashion store in future.

Closing advice

With the advancement of technology, having an ability to track your customer’s shopping behavior can help you enhance your business strategies by always targeting the correct audience with correct products and information.

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.

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