All about Net 30 terms and its Benefits

Discussing and finalizing payment terms are tasks that require excellent skills. However, the job doesn’t end because, based on the type of payment terms completed, be it Net 90, Net 60, or Net 30. You will have to draft a document for the same.

So, what all things need to be taken care of? And what are the benefits of crafting a useful document?

Though there are different payment terms, this blog will focus on the benefits and the critical aspects of Net 30 Payment terms.

What is Net 30?

Offering Net 30 terms means giving credit for 30 calendar days after sending them the goods and bill your consumer. Your consumer can be a retailer, eCommerce business owner, supplier, or a dropshipper. 

In layman terms, you are lending money to your consumer for 30 calendar days by delivering the products or services whenever they ask and tracking the amount they owe you.

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What is net 30?

When does Net 30 Begin?

When does net 30 Begin?

It usually depends on what juncture of the process you and your client have mutually agreed to.

The 30 days credit can start from any time like when goods are delivered or shipped, the services that you have provided are implemented, the time when you send them the bill, or any other date. This depends on the nature of the businesses you are catering to.

The date you decide has to be described meticulously and clearly in the contract.

Net 30 always includes calendar days, i.e., weekends, holidays, and business days. Don’t forget to mention this thing in the contract.

Advantages of Net 30 Terms

Advantages of net30 Terms

  • Net 30 trade credit enables you to attract small and medium-sized businesses or businesses that don’t have substantial cash with them all the time. 
  • Helps to build long term business relations with trust and support
  • You can lure more clients with these payment terms because immediate payment is something that retailers have a hard time. 
  • Net 30 terms empower you to have a window in which you can always adjust it if there is an error or returns. It reduces the number of times you have to transact money. 
  • This helps your consumers grow in their businesses, and indirectly your business also grows with them because then they tend to order more and more products or services from you.

Important Net 30 terms

‘Net 30 EOM’ Meaning.

Net 30 EOM (End of the month) means that the client has to pay before the end of the next month. For instance, if you generate a bill on July 15th and your consumer agrees for a Net 30 end of the month (EOM), your consumer has to pay on or before August 30th.


‘2/10 Net 30’ Meaning

Suppliers or manufacturers often insert motivational discount terms to encourage the clients to pay early. 2/10 Net 30 means that if your client pays within 10 days, you will give a 2% discount on the payment. On contracts and invoices, you’ll have to mention these terms as ‘2/10 Net 30.’

Should all Businesses use Net 30?

Businesses should use Net 30 only if they find it viable for their cash flow requirements and if they have that much financial strength to function with lagging incoming payments. 

Small business owners should refrain from using this because the 30 day period is very long, and they always require cash; they can try Net 10 or Net 14 terms to begin with. Retailers never give 30-day credit; they ask for the immediate payment for the product you purchased. 

Moreover, if you are planning to start offering Net 30 payment terms to your clients, then ensure these below-mentioned prerequisites –

  • It would be best if you had enough cash on hand to function
  • Ensure that you have a good number of clients so that you can experiment on the most trusted and sincere ones
  • Also, check whether, in your industry, the competitors are giving such payment benefits or not
  • Check your cash flow thoroughly
  • Don’t be lenient to attract more clients
  • Draft strict Net 30 payment terms and also levy penalties if the clients exceed that timeline as well.


Check the prerequisites mentioned above, and if you feel confident enough, you can start being generous with your clients.

Be very cautious while mentioning Net 30 terms and ensure that these terms are listed in a crystal clear manner in the contract that is mutually agreed upon and duly signed by both of you.

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