What small sellers need to know about Amazon marketplace?

We all know that Amazon.com is a leading online marketplace; therefore, many start-ups and small sellers blindly start selling over the marketplace, which is also considered to be the most popular website in the United States.

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The increasing number in Amazon customer base year-after-year is the major reason what encourages small sellers towards the marketplace. However, many are either not known or they overlook the tools and features offered by Amazon that is specially designed to help small sellers grow successfully.

How small sellers are gaining a unique advantage by listing their products on Amazon?

Flexibility in starting off

You surely would not like to be one of them who ends up spending more on listings and other fees than profits made.

Amazon is a marketplace that offers sellers an ability to select a listing structure based on their product performance.

Save capital

Sellers starting off small usually have few items to offer, and being forced to pay a subscription fee at the end of each month can eat up capital.

Amazon’s Individual Selling Plan is helping small sellers an ability to save their capital on listings fees and pay a fixed commission for only those products that sell.

Ability to find the best match keyword for products

Selling online means you’ll be having competitors selling the same products as you do. This increases the chances of your fighting for visibility in search results.

Amazon’s auto-suggest keyword feature in the search bar is helping start-ups offer keywords that online customer commonly searches for.

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Increase product presence

Small sellers can immediately gain access to a list of product name search phrases, and experiment with multiple keywords to improve visibility for each product they sell.

Fulfilment by Amazon to cope up with customer’s product purchases for your multiple online stores

Another major challenge for small sellers is to cope up with fulfillment process for your eCommerce business, especially when selling over more than one store.  And, unable to process customer’s orders in time directly hampers the growth of your online selling business.

Sales order management

Simply sell and allow Amazon to take care of the inventory management, picking, packing and shipping your customer’s orders. Fulfilment By Amazon(FBA) is allowing small sellers ample time to focus on what actually matters the most at the initial stage, i.e. attracting customers for their small business.

Accurate stock management

With the increase in sales orders especially during rush days small sellers get easily baffled with the stock requirements, and in most cases, they are unable to fulfill their customer’s orders in time.

Just in Time inventory management flow

Amazon’s “Replenishment Alert” feature is an ideal solution to growing sellers, as it gives them an ability to stock their inventory Amazon’s fulfillment centres without needing to keep a track on them after every sale is made. Simply set alert quantity for their products and once it reaches the threshold set by you, quickly get notified by Amazon via a Replenishment Alert email and take actions on-the-go.

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Instant communication to customer’s concern

Many small sellers often find it difficult to connect and communicate to every customer’s query in time. And, unable to offer quick reply will automatically result in a bad customer experience.

Help support

Amazon’s “Buyer-Seller Messaging service” is offering small sellers a competitive advantage by helping them ensure every customer’s concern is addressed quickly. This feature allows sellers to communicate with their customers at one place in the Amazon marketplace, via emails.

Win “Amazon Buy Box”

Start-ups and small sellers often struggle to improve conversion rates for their sites. And, unable to churn satisfactory results from their marketing campaigns, all their capital and effort goes in vain.

Increase sales opportunity

Winning “Amazon Buy Box,” automatically explores multiple sales opportunities helping small business owners an opportunity to withstand large players and grow as they do. To know how the Buy Box works, click here.

Below are 3 effective ways that can increase your chances of winning Amazon’s Buy Box

Be lowest in product price

If your product price is the lowest(including shipping fee)among other identical ones listed by your competitors across the marketplace, then your product will show up in the Buy Box( the box on a product detail page where customers can begin purchasing process by adding items to their carts) ahead of other sellers.

Offering unique products

Sellers who deal with products that no one else over the marketplace, will instantly make your products eligible for winning the Amazon “Buy Box.”

Create mix product bundles

Adopting Amazon’s Product bundling feature, offer a set of products that will make sense to a customer’s purchase. Think of creative product bundles and increase the chances of your listings to get visibility in the Buy Box.

Amazon Launch Pad

Last, but the one the most recent innovation by the giant marketplace is Amazon LaunchPad.

Effective Marketing opportunity

The program specially designed for startups  is offering them a specialized platform to showcase their cutting-edge products in front of million millions of Amazon customers. This unique new page is another way Amazon can prove to be different from other marketplaces that are helping small sellers ensure customers keep coming back for their unique products.

Wrapping up
Apart from being the most popular online marketplace, Amazon.com is constantly rolling our new features and solution to encourage more and more small business owners sell and grow with the marketplace.

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.

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