Why Content And E-Commerce Will Never Breakup

Prior to the advent of Internet, print advertisements was the major source of promotion for any business owner. Since then till date, content has been helping many business owners to spread awareness about their products and brand offerings.

Unlike digital and televisions advertisement, that shows up visuals usually for 20 seconds, print advertisement offer content that stays on the page forever. This is why print advertisements has always been around and performed by many business owners, as till date, no other promotional method can offer that much potential longevity in less investment.

The advent of internet has revolutionized the content marketing from those plain structured format to visual impact images.

Evolution of content in print advertisement

1970’s- Birth of print content advertisement

Benjamin Franklin’s Pennsylvania Gazette reached out to readers with new devices like headlines, illustrations and advertising placed next to editorial material. Thereafter, everyday sellers offered content for promoting their products or services in front of buyers.

Capture 1

1980’s- Use of visual content

Back in the 70’s content was limited to text, however, in the 80’s with the growth of publication companies affordable to working class people, seller started adding visuals with the content.

Capture 2

1990’s- Popularity of the Internet and world wide web

Sellers and marketers got even more innovative with their content who started offering visually crowded and copy-heavy ads.

Capture 3

2000’s- Era of modern content advertisement

The rise of technology in this decade allowed sellers to offer content using modern advertising opportunities that included pop-up, flash, banner, advergaming and email advertisements.

Capture 4

Content in the early stage

As depicted in the picture back in the 70’s business owners would create their brand website and promote their products and services by offering content that includes basic information and contact number.

Such content was published with immeasurable copy and flash just to make it look cool than other websites that would only have the company’s logo and phone number.

Later in the 90’s business owners would hire content writers and designers to craft their website into a more informative one and attractive one. Content then increased its importance for ecommerce sellers that it encouraged them to adopt multiple sources for such kind of promotions.

Content now

The popularity of the SEO(search engine optimization) in the 2000’s forced business owners to be unique and innovative with their content marketing strategies. More and more business owners began to hire SEO experts who helped them focus better on the usage of keywords in their content to  reach out prospective clients and readers and stay up in search engines.

In 2010 with the popularity of social media sites gave a rise to innovative content marketing activities. This allowed ecommerce business owners to offer content via blogs, white paper, podcasts, YouTube, webinars, bylined articles, visual information, etc.

Content marketing for ecommerce- Future prospects

With the popularity of social sharing platforms like Youtube, Snapchat, and Vine- content has is helping customers to overcome the challenge of making purchase decisions.

Jerome Cleary, CEO of Publicity and Marketing says “ With more awareness that great content drives true organic SEO many businesses will be spending a lot more time hiring and working on their content to reflect their true voice. Content is king has become the catch phrase in the past few years and now businesses and business owners are finally getting behind the curve. When you have great thought out content with catchy article titles that is what makes for even greater content on the internet. Thus, it raises the bar for everyone to consciously spend time putting together edgy, sexy content that is definitely worth reading. Where business owners were hiring more Social Media experts for their companies in the past few years so now they will spend more time and money on great writers to create one of a kind content to compete with their competitors. The growth and change will be significant and continue to grow ten fold.”

Key reasons why content and ecommerce will never split

1- Engagement growth-  Premium content to keep your customers coming back.

2- Sales growth– Personalized content to influence purchase decisions.

3- Brand awareness– Attractive content to be shared across multiple social media channels.

4- Cost-effective marketing- Content marketing a bliss to budget-minded business owner.

5- Effective marketing- Good content to always be around.

Type of content used by marketing experts worldwide

Capture 5

How content marketing complements e-commerce?

If Content is King, then who is the queen? This question comes in my mind everytime I mention it in my blogs, but yet, no one asked me who is the Queen?

No later, it was clear that if “Content is the King, then e-commerce is his Queen.” In simple words, content and e-commerce go hand in hand.

Content marketing is not only about regularly updating a blog, or, sharing posts on social media platforms, however, it should offer an additional value to customers by allowing all those information required to make a better decision.

For instance: What’s the point of having a sport car with no gas? Similarly, whats point of downloading an app that does not offer content(both marketing, as well as, product content).

Therefore, you can understand how content marketing plays a major role to divert traffic and sales for ecommerce business.

Winning content marketing strategies

1- Personalize don’t sell

Content marketing is direct target to sales, however, what many e-commerce business owners don’t realize that personalizing in the content using relevant keywords will keep their ranking high in search engines and automatically increase traffic and sales for their online store.

Capture 6

2- Email content marketing

Social media platforms allow easy “sharing,” “like,” “follow,” and “pin” in buttons resulting to increased product and brand visibility across the web. However, with hundreds and thousands of sellers performing content marketing tactics over these social sites, there are more chance of your older post to get lost in the background.

Content marketing via email will not only help you keep information safe and secured, but also, allow potential customers to forward the same to relevant audience.

3- Video content marketing

Video will make it easy to entice more and more customers to spend larger amount of time with your brand. Therefore, having a video content marketing strategy in place will spread a great excitement among people  as well as increase traffic rate compared to text-only content.

4- Encourage reviews/feedbacks

Content in the form of reviews and feedback will create a trust-factor for your brand, which in turn, can be shared over your website and social media accounts too. Encouraging customer’s feedback in form of a questionnaire will be an ideal way to create content and showcase it in the form of reviews, making it look catchy to increase engagement and sales, both.

Capture 7

4- Don’t forget blogging

Blog posts are considered to be an effective source for increasing organic search traffic and highly influential with buyers. However, still many avoid the potential of this source and don’t maintain an official blog page.

Quick wins of a successful content marketing strategy

– Increase visibility

Great content about your brand and products will encourage more and more people to share it in their social networks, email, or even spread a great word-of-mouth know as recommendations.

– Stay up in search results

Informative content about your brand and products using relevant keywords will drive results from SEO. This means, the more your content produced the higher rankings in Google and other search engines.

– Boost revenue

Content is the factor that influences a customer when shopping online, therefore, offering excellent content on social networks, online publishers, comparison sites, and many other relevant  site which help engagement and influence sales.

Mobile content marketing- Simplest sharing platform for customers

Capture 8

The above information provided by Statista shows how mobile users are increasing year-after-after, and for 2017 the number of mobile phone users is forecast to reach 4.77 billion.

With the above statistics, adopting mobile content marketing , you will allow customers an access to your content from the place they are. And, by allowing share buttons in the beginning and end part of the content- will make it easy for viewers to quickly share your content from their own convenience.

Key pointer:

Always allow content at a glance

-Ensure your content is offered in a direct manner and can be viewed without a need to scroll down.

-Bold important keywords and information to catch viewer’s attention without needing them to zoom.

-In case of long content, it is always suggested to break them into small paragraphs that will making it easy and quick to view.

Wrapping up

Content marketing is the buzzword for ecommerce, and will continue to remain! Try and offer content that is useful, practical, appreciated, and provides a good value to readers and customers, both. Doing so, can help make content marketing process for your ecommerce business more supportive.

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.

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