ZenDesk Integration with Orderhive

Bring customer service interactions from all channels to one place. Orderhive-Zendesk integration aims to let you track, prioritize, and solve customer support tickets with great ease & flexibility, and building best customer experiences through automation.

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Create Zendesk Tickets from Orderhive Orders

Create a Zendesk ticket every time a specific kind of order is created in Orderhive. The Zendesk ticket creation process can be automated and controlled using parameters set within Orderhive.

Create Zendesk User for every new Orderhive Customer

For every new order received in Orderhive from a new customer, you can create a user in Zendesk. All necessary details about the customer can be imported from Orderhive to Zendesk at once.

Update Zendesk ticket status based on Orderhive parameters

Create, close or re-open Zendesk ticket anytime as needed simply by setting up automation in Orderhive. The Zendesk ticket status can be auto-changed as you act upon Zendesk tickets.

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